Philippe Askenazy                                                                             Master 2 PPD

Christine Erhel


Labor market policies



ROOM: A4, Jourdan Campus.


02/09, 9.30-12.30: presentation of the courses.

Definition of labor policies and labor institutions.

Main facts


An historical perspective in developed countries


General references on Economic History: Paul Bairoch history Economics and World History: Myths and Paradoxes, or in French, Victoires et déboires


1970’s. The sources of the crises. The stagflation


03/01, 9.15-12.15: 1980’s.

The UK industrial policy

The micro and macro-economics of labor market

The wage moderation and the birth of ‘modern’ labor policies


03/08, 9.15-12.15: 1990’s.

From the OECD job study to the new-economy

The ambitious labor policies in France


03/15, 9.15-12.15: 2000’s.

Old tools or new tools? Minimum wages versus in-depth liberalization


A comparative perspective


03/22, 9.15-12.15: Comparative methodology


03/29, 9.15-12.15: Scandinavian countries, Germany and UK. 2 presentations


04/05, 9.15-12.15: Labor policies in developing countries. 2 presentations


04/26, 9.15-12.15: The coordination of European labor policies; the labor policies in the current crises. 2 presentations